Thursday, December 23, 2010

Keep your Memories technology independent.

There are lots of new ways to enjoy photography today. Digital has brought with it an amazing palette of possibilities. But keep in mind, we have been using computers and electronic devices for decades. 5 1/4 floppy, 3.25 floppy, syquest, zip drive, jazz drive, DAT, are just some of the back up systems that have faded away in less than 2 decades. Our memories should be something that we know can be enjoyed and passed down for generations to come. Keeping your memories independent of changing technology is an important concept that is lost with all of the wiz bang advertising we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Short term, having all your photographs on an iPad seems cool and hip. But think about that, what happens when there is hardware failure and the images are no longer retrievable on that device? Hopefully there is a backup somewhere, but if not they are gone.

What's the point? Having important life cycle events and memories in an album of real photographs is the only way of ensuring your legacy continues. There is no guaranty that todays technology will be usable even a decade from now. Example, take a look at your cell phone. How old is it? Have you ever lost or dropped it? Did you end up not being able to retrieve the information on it? Life gets busy and we neglect the constant housekeeping needed to keep our digital world safe.

So the next time you are planning an event, think of your photography as a long term investment. The dividends are knowing that past is not lost in the present.