Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photographs or Discs, what's what in the long run!

There is no question that we are facing difficult economic times. For many, planning a Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah is being met with significant financial challenges. With these constraints, many look to economize where they can. Unfortunately some of these cost cutting measures will prove to be poor choices in years to come.

I feel one of these choices is having a photographer provide images on a disc instead of having photographs in an album. The idea of having the ability send those images through the super highways of the internet seems enticing, but the reality is less than glamorous.

The problem comes 5 years, 10 years or any significant amount of time after your event, when you want to look back on those memories. CD’s and DVD’s are not indestructible, real photographs aren’t either, but they can be viewed without the need of technology. If stored properly, real photographs produced on Kodak’s Professional Endura paper should remain, as they are today, un-faded for 100+ years. There is no electronic technology that can make that claim today. Photographs and albums do not rely on technology to be viewed. If a CD or DVD is damaged, it cannot be viewed, everything on that disc is irretrievable. CDs and DVDs either work, or they don’t. There is no warning of there demise.

My point is not to create panic, but to make you aware of the “what if” scenario. Also, this does not apply to only professional photographs, it also applies to the day-to-day pictures you take at home. A disc or computer hardrive is not good enough. Real photographic prints will make your keepsakes live for many generations.

You should consider the additional cost of real photographic prints, (not inkjet prints), an investment for the future and not a cost cutting measure.

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