Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Professional Photography is Important

Have you ever had the opportunity to look through some of those portraits or albums from years gone by? It can be a very mystical experience to be able to look back and see a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle in their youth or a time they looked their best. For me, I am able to show my children photographs of my father who they are named after. The portraits I have are an intrinsic way to put a face to the stories and memories I share with them about my dad.

The professional photographer has a vital obligation in documenting your special day. The first is to make Portraits of individuals and groups that are well posed and also record the festivities of the day for your enjoyment as well as future generations. This is done with working knowledge of the equipment, owning backup equipment, technical skill in lighting and posing, knowledge of retouching, as well as the resources to produce photographs and albums that are made with professional materials. The corner drugstore, wholesale club, or local camera shop are not equipped for this.

Remember, the expectation is to give you that history in a tangible way for you to enjoy and pass down through the generations. Professional prints and albums are the most robust way to keep and preserve your memories. A finished album with the highlights of the day is not only a great way to reminisce, but also leaves a beautiful treasure for future generations to enjoy.

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